Package com.aoapps.html

package com.aoapps.html

Fluent Java DSL for high-performance HTML generation. This is the thinnest possible abstraction around generating HTML output. An emphasis is placed on writing fully encoded, safe output by default.

Meaningful, context-aware code assistance and compiler support is achieved through extensive use of the interface hierarchy along with bounded generics. With these techniques, the relationships of HTML elements, attributes, and content is modeled without specifically programming all combinations through code generation.

Things this is not:

  • DOM - elements, attributes, and content are rather ethereal. They exist only as the code writing HTML output. There is no way to navigate or query the document object model, because it simply does not exist.

  • HTML validator - although many details have been put into the relationships between elements, attributes, and content, the API does not actively prevent writing incorrect HTML, such as writing the same attribute more than once on an element. Most of the writers are quite stateless, and just do as they are told and do so immediately.

This follows the naming conventions specified in com.aoapps.html.any, but without "Any" prefixed to names.