Disables the resource editor for this request.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoapps.taglib.DisableResourceEditorTag
TagExtraInfo Class: com.aoapps.taglib.DisableResourceEditorTagTEI
Body Content: JSP
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
scope No Runtime String

Specifies the scope over which the in-context resource editor is disabled. Defaults to "auto".

  1. When "auto" (the default), will be "body" when has tag body or "request" when there is no tag body. This provides compatibility with previous releases that did not support body and always disabled for the entire request.
  2. When "body", the resource editor is only disabled in the tag body. The original settings, if any, are restored.
  3. When "request", the resource editor is left disabled. The original settings are not restored.
mode No Runtime String

The mode to use when disabling the in-context resource editor. Defaults to "disabled".

  1. When "disabled" (the default), the editor is completely disabled, no lookup tracking and no markup.
  2. When "lookup", lookup tracking is still performed, but no markup is performed.
  3. When "noscript", both lookup tracking and markup are performed, but without any scripts.
  4. When "markup", both lookup tracking and full markup are performed.


No Variables Defined.