Interface Union_DIV_DL<__ extends Union_DIV_DL<__>>

Type Parameters:
__ - This content model, which will be the parent content model of child elements
All Superinterfaces:
AnyUnion_DIV_DL<DocumentEE,__>, Content<DocumentEE,__>, ContentEE<DocumentEE,__>, ContentEE<__>, DocumentWriter, Whitespace
All Known Subinterfaces:
AnyContentEE<__>, DIV_content<__>, DL_content<__>
All Known Implementing Classes:
DIV__, DIV_c, DL__, DL_c, DocumentEE

public interface Union_DIV_DL<__ extends Union_DIV_DL<__>> extends AnyUnion_DIV_DL<DocumentEE,__>, ContentEE<__>
Elements that are common to both DIV_content and DL_content.
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