Interface ContentEE<__ extends ContentEE<__>>

Type Parameters:
__ - This content model, which will be the parent content model of child elements
All Superinterfaces:
Content<DocumentEE,__>, ContentEE<DocumentEE,__>, DocumentWriter, Whitespace
All Known Subinterfaces:
AnyContentEE<__>, COLGROUP_content<__>, DATALIST_content<__>, DIV_content<__>, DL_content<__>, EmbeddedContent<__>, FlowContent<__>, HeadingContent<__>, HTML_content<__>, InteractiveContent<__>, ListContent<__>, MetadataContent<__>, OBJECT_content<__>, OPTGROUP_content<__>, PalpableContent<__>, PhrasingContent<__>, ScriptSupportingContent<__>, SectioningContent<__>, SELECT_content<__>, TABLE_content<__>, TextContent<__>, TR_content<__>, Union_COLGROUP_ScriptSupporting<__>, Union_DATALIST_OPTGROUP<__>, Union_DIV_DL<__>, Union_DL_Palpable<__>, Union_Embedded_Interactive<__>, Union_Embedded_Palpable_Phrasing<__>, Union_Interactive_Phrasing<__>, Union_Metadata_Phrasing<__>, Union_Palpable_Phrasing<__>, Union_TBODY_THEAD_TFOOT<__>
All Known Implementing Classes:
A_c, ABBR__, ABBR_c, ADDRESS__, ADDRESS_c, ARTICLE__, ARTICLE_c, ASIDE__, ASIDE_c, B__, B_c, BDI__, BDI_c, BDO__, BDO_c, BLOCKQUOTE__, BLOCKQUOTE_c, BODY__, BODY_c, CAPTION__, CAPTION_c, CITE__, CITE_c, CODE__, CODE_c, COLGROUP__, COLGROUP_c, DATA__, DATA_c, DATALIST__, DATALIST_c, DD__, DD_c, DEL_c, DFN__, DFN_c, DIV__, DIV_c, DL__, DL_c, DocumentEE, DT__, DT_c, EM__, EM_c, FOOTER__, FOOTER_c, FORM__, FORM_c, H1__, H1_c, H2__, H2_c, H3__, H3_c, H4__, H4_c, H5__, H5_c, H6__, H6_c, HEAD__, HEAD_c, HEADER__, HEADER_c, HTML__, HTML_c, I__, I_c, INS_c, KBD__, KBD_c, LABEL__, LABEL_c, LI__, LI_c, MAIN__, MAIN_c, MAP_c, MARK__, MARK_c, MENU__, MENU_c, METER__, METER_c, NAV__, NAV_c, OBJECT__, OBJECT_c, OL__, OL_c, OPTGROUP__, OPTGROUP_c, OPTION__, OPTION_c, OUTPUT__, OUTPUT_c, P__, P_c, PRE__, PRE_c, PROGRESS__, PROGRESS_c, Q__, Q_c, S__, S_c, SAMP__, SAMP_c, SECTION__, SECTION_c, SELECT__, SELECT_c, SMALL__, SMALL_c, SPAN__, SPAN_c, STRONG__, STRONG_c, SUB__, SUB_c, SUP__, SUP_c, TABLE__, TABLE_c, TBODY__, TBODY_c, TD__, TD_c, TEXTAREA__, TEXTAREA_c, TFOOT__, TFOOT_c, TH__, TH_c, THEAD__, THEAD_c, TITLE__, TITLE_c, TR__, TR_c, U__, U_c, UL__, UL_c, VAR__, VAR_c

public interface ContentEE<__ extends ContentEE<__>> extends ContentEE<DocumentEE,__>
The methods common to all content models.
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