Manually establishes a URL context when automatic detection is not possible. The body of this tag, after trimming, is valid RFC 3986 URI or RFC 3987 IRI.

Depending on context, the URL will be passed through HttpServletResponse.encodeURL to add any URL-based session state. Session state will never be added to external links.

When contained in CSS, this will automatically be surrounded by url("…"). Please note that this auto-quoting applies to all forms of data in all tags, not just this css tag.

The content type of this tag is text/url.

To establish a URL context with more full-featured URL manipulation, see also <ao:url>.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoapps.encoding.taglib.UrlTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None


No Attributes Defined.


No Variables Defined.