Manually establishes a plaintext context when automatic detection is not possible. The body of this tag contains any arbitrary plain text.

In some contexts, such as contained in a JavaScript string, this may be binary transparent.

In other contexts, it may result in an error when a character may not be encoded to the container's system. An example would be a NULL character in an XML document.

End of line conversions may also occur in some contexts.

When contained in JavaScript, this will automatically be surrounded by double quotes and will be binary transparent through \uxxxx escape codes. The double quotes are automatically added to clearly separate data from code. Please note that this auto-quoting applies to all forms of data in all tags, not just this text tag.

The content type of this tag text/plain.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.aoapps.encoding.taglib.TextTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None


No Attributes Defined.


No Variables Defined.