Class SeoJavadocFilter


public final class SeoJavadocFilter extends Object
Filters javadocs for search engine optimization. Performs the following transformations:

Note: This task should be performed before ZipTimestampMerge in order to have correct content to be able to maintain timestamps.

  1. Adds Canonical URLs to each page.
  2. Adds <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> to selective pages. See getRobotsHeader(,,, java.util.Map, java.lang.Iterable).
  3. rel="nofollow" is added to all links matching the configured nofollow and follow prefixes. This defaults to Java SE, Java EE, and Jakarta EE apidocs.

All existing ZIP entry timestamps are preserved.

This does not have any direct Ant dependencies. If only using this class, it is permissible to exclude the ant dependencies.

See javadoc-cleanup GitHub Action.

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