Class ZipTimestampMerge


public final class ZipTimestampMerge extends Object
Standalone implementation of ZIP-file timestamp merging.

Note: This task should be performed before GenerateJavadocSitemap in order to have correct timestamps inside the generated sitemaps.

This does not have any direct Ant dependencies. If only using this class, it is permissible to exclude the ant dependencies.

See The structure of a PKZip file.

AO Industries, Inc.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    static void
    mergeDirectory(Instant outputTimestamp, boolean buildReproducible, boolean requireLastBuild, File lastBuildDirectory, File buildDirectory)
    Merges all *.aar, *.jar, *.war, and *.zip files between lastBuildDirectory and buildDirectory.
    static void
    mergeFile(Instant outputTimestamp, boolean buildReproducible, File lastBuildArtifact, File buildArtifact)
    Creates a ZIP file with contents matching buildArtifact but with timestamps derived from lastBuildArtifact.

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