AO Ant Tasks Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Added robots "noindex, nofollow" for Javadoc pages matching any nofollow starting with a slash '/'.
  • Support building in Windows.


Release Notes

  • Removed incorrect direct declaration of a POM dependency. Uses of the previous release may fail with: Execution attach-javadocs of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-javadoc-plugin:3.6.0:jar failed: '…/javaee-web-api-bom-7.0.1.pom' not allowed on the path, only outputDirectories and jars are accepted


Release Notes

  • Added more robots noindex, nofollow to javadocs, complete list is now:
    1. */class-use/*
    2. */package-tree.html
    3. */package-use.html
    4. legal/*
    5. src/*
    6. allclasses-index.html
    7. allpackages-index.html
    8. deprecated-list.html
    9. help-doc.html
    10. index-all.html
    11. overview-tree.html
    12. search.html
    13. serialized-form.html
  • New attribute subprojectSubpath that is the path to the sub-project. This attribute should be set from the new Maven property ${subproject.subpath}. This should be empty for the top-level project or the path (ending in slash) to append to ${project.url}.


Release Notes

  • New Ant tasks used in building AO-supported projects.