All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Style>

public final class Style extends Resource<Style> implements Comparable<Style>
A CSS stylesheet is identified by URI, but has other constraints. Including:
  1. an optional media condition
  2. an optional crossorigin attribute
  3. a disabled attribute

Optimizers should be careful to only group styles that have equivalent constraints.

TODO: Support a "group" (or "position" / "category"?): prelude, main, and coda. "prelude" is before all others (except possibly other prelude). "main" (the default) is the middle. "coda" is after all others (except possibly other coda). It would be an error if the topological sort results in prelude that is not first or coda that is not last. Use "prelude" for "html5.css".

TODO: Support inline styles without URI.

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