AO Style Changelog


Release Notes

  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • Updated to Java™ EE 7 Web Profile (Servlet 3.1, JSP 2.3, EL 3.0, and JSTL 1.2).
  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.8 to 11.
  • Now supports Java 9+ modules. Due to still having filename-based automatic module dependencies, *-SNAPSHOT versions include module-info.class while releases include the Automatic-Module-Name manifest entry. To minimize the difference between these modes, does not perform any transitive requires.
  • Maven artifact relocated from com.aoindustries:ao-style to com.aoapps:ao-style.
  • Package renamed from to


Release Notes

  • Consolidated a base set of styles from multiple projects into this one place. These are very general concepts, like a table with a thin border. Any project that requires any of these styles should add this as a dependency.
  • New CSS classes for table formatting: ao-grid, ao-outside-border, ao-no-border, ao-packed, and ao-spread.
  • Registers itself with AO Web Resources Servlet.