AO Web Resources Servlet

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Web resource management in a Servlet environment.


  • Support scripts at end of body?
    This would also help by adding scripts actually used by the page
    The scripts generated by write(Date|Time|DateTime) "scriptOut" could also be saved for the very end.
    Is this still correct with async / deferred / ... scripts now?
    AO Taglib: allow queuing of all scripts until end of page
      script src = would be added as-is
      script with body would be written from their queued for
      use body.onload script with a setTimeout?
      Are we trying to recreate Require.JS here?
  • Does it make sense to keep track of which resources are required by a specific request, instead of including all registered CSS resources? Can we just put a link tag wherever in HTML 5 (which we could use to add on first use)? Or, would this require full buffering to put them all in the head? With our aggressive one-year cache of CSS files (and other static resources) enabled by ao-servlet-last-modified, maybe this is really a non-issue.
  • Should there be a group registry on the current request / session? It would let request processing activate groups based on what is actually needed by the page.