Class FastQSort

All Implemented Interfaces:
ComparisonSortAlgorithm<Object>, SortAlgorithm<Object>

public final class FastQSort extends Object
A quick sort demonstration algorithm

Adapted from Denis Ahrens' FastQSortAlgorithm, which was derived from Sun's example QSortAlgorithm.

2003-11-06 - Dan Armstrong - To avoid worst-case scenarios, if the quickSort recursion depth exceeds (int)(10*Math.log(list.size())), the algorithm will quit and a HeapSort will be performed.

\@(#) 1.3, 29 Feb 1996 extended with TriMedian and InsertionSort by Denis Ahrens with all the tips from Robert Sedgewick (Algorithms in C++). It uses TriMedian and InsertionSort for lists shorts than 4. <>
James Gosling, Kevin A. Smith