Class EQSort

All Implemented Interfaces:
ComparisonSortAlgorithm<Object>, SortAlgorithm<Object>

public final class EQSort extends Object
An enhanced quick sort demonstration algorithm, Thu Oct 27 10:32:35 1994
 19 Feb 1996: Fixed to avoid infinite loop discoved by Paul Haberli.
              Misbehaviour expressed when the pivot element was not unique.
              -Jason Harrison

 21 Jun 1996: Modified code based on comments from Paul Haeberli, and
              Peter Schweizer (
              Used Daeron Meyer's ( code for the
              new pivoting code. - Jason Harrison

 09 Jan 1998: Another set of bug fixes by Thomas Everth (
              and John Brzustowski (

Adapted from Jim Boritz' EQSortAlgorithm.

1.0, 26 Jun 1995
Jim Boritz