Interface OnratechangeUnexpected<E extends Element<?,?,E> & OnratechangeUnexpected<E>>

Type Parameters:
E - This element type
All Known Subinterfaces:
GlobalAttributes<E>, Onratechange<E>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnyA, AnyABBR, AnyADDRESS, AnyAREA, AnyARTICLE, AnyASIDE, AnyB, AnyBASE, AnyBDI, AnyBDO, AnyBLOCKQUOTE, AnyBODY, AnyBR, AnyCAPTION, AnyCITE, AnyCODE, AnyCOL, AnyCOLGROUP, AnyDATA, AnyDATALIST, AnyDD, AnyDEL, AnyDFN, AnyDIV, AnyDL, AnyDT, AnyEM, AnyFOOTER, AnyFORM, AnyH, AnyH1, AnyH2, AnyH3, AnyH4, AnyH5, AnyH6, AnyHEAD, AnyHEADER, AnyHR, AnyHTML, AnyI, AnyIMG, AnyINPUT, AnyINPUT.Button, AnyINPUT.Checkbox, AnyINPUT.Color, AnyINPUT.Date, AnyINPUT.DatetimeLocal, AnyINPUT.Dynamic, AnyINPUT.Email, AnyINPUT.File, AnyINPUT.Hidden, AnyINPUT.Image, AnyINPUT.Month, AnyINPUT.Number, AnyINPUT.Password, AnyINPUT.Radio, AnyINPUT.Range, AnyINPUT.Reset, AnyINPUT.Search, AnyINPUT.Submit, AnyINPUT.Tel, AnyINPUT.Text, AnyINPUT.Time, AnyINPUT.Url, AnyINPUT.Week, AnyINS, AnyKBD, AnyLABEL, AnyLI, AnyLINK, AnyMAIN, AnyMAP, AnyMARK, AnyMENU, AnyMETA, AnyMETER, AnyNAV, AnyOBJECT, AnyOL, AnyOPTGROUP, AnyOPTION, AnyOUTPUT, AnyP, AnyPARAM, AnyPRE, AnyPROGRESS, AnyQ, AnyS, AnySAMP, AnySCRIPT, AnySECTION, AnySELECT, AnySMALL, AnySPAN, AnySTRONG, AnySTYLE, AnySUB, AnySUP, AnyTABLE, AnyTBODY, AnyTD, AnyTEXTAREA, AnyTFOOT, AnyTH, AnyTHEAD, AnyTITLE, AnyTR, AnyU, AnyUL, AnyVAR, AnyWBR, Element, Normal, NormalText, Transparent, TransparentText, Void

@Deprecated public interface OnratechangeUnexpected<E extends Element<?,?,E> & OnratechangeUnexpected<E>>
Although the onratechange attribute is global, it is only expected on <audio> and <video>.
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