Class MediaEncoder

All Implemented Interfaces:
ValidMediaFilter, ValidMediaInput, ValidMediaOutput, Encoder
Direct Known Subclasses:
BufferedEncoder, JavaScriptInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, JavaScriptInXhtmlEncoder, StyleInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, StyleInXhtmlEncoder, TextInJavaScriptEncoder, TextInMysqlEncoder, TextInPsqlEncoder, TextInShEncoder, TextInStyleEncoder, TextInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, TextInXhtmlEncoder, ValidateOnlyEncoder

@ThreadSafe public abstract class MediaEncoder extends Object implements Encoder, ValidMediaFilter

Encodes media to allow it to be contained in a different type of media. For example, one may have plaintext inside of HTML, or arbitrary text inside a JavaScript String inside an onclick attribute of an area tag in a XHTML document. All necessary encoding is automatically performed.

Each encoder both validates its input characters and produces valid output characters.

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