Interface ValidMediaOutput

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BufferedEncoder, BufferedValidator, JavaScriptInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, JavaScriptInXhtmlEncoder, JavaScriptValidator, JavaScriptWriter, JsonWriter, LdJsonWriter, MediaEncoder, MediaValidator, MediaWriter, MysqlValidator, MysqlWriter, NoCloseMediaValidator, PsqlValidator, PsqlWriter, ShValidator, ShWriter, StyleInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, StyleInXhtmlEncoder, StyleValidator, StyleWriter, TextInJavaScriptEncoder, TextInMysqlEncoder, TextInPsqlEncoder, TextInShEncoder, TextInStyleEncoder, TextInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, TextInXhtmlEncoder, TextValidator, TextWriter, UrlInJavaScriptEncoder, UrlInStyleEncoder, UrlInXhtmlAttributeEncoder, UrlInXhtmlEncoder, UrlValidator, UrlWriter, ValidateOnlyEncoder, WhitespaceWriter, XhtmlAttributeValidator, XhtmlAttributeWriter, XhtmlValidator, XhtmlWriter

@ThreadSafe public interface ValidMediaOutput

Indicates that the object can be trusted to generate output with only valid characters for the provided type. This will allow input validation of the same type to be skipped.

Note: This is currently not used to skip input validation. Input validation is always performed as a means of catching bugs that would result in incorrect output of nested content.

AO Industries, Inc.
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    • getValidMediaOutputType

      MediaType getValidMediaOutputType()
      Gets the output type.