Class TransactionResult

Direct Known Subclasses:
AuthorizationResult, CaptureResult, CreditResult, VoidResult

public abstract class TransactionResult extends Object
Encapsulates the results of any type of transaction with the merchant services provider.
AO Industries, Inc.
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    • getProviderId

      public String getProviderId()
      Gets the id of the provider that processed this transaction.
    • getCommunicationResult

      public TransactionResult.CommunicationResult getCommunicationResult()
      Gets the communication result. This should be the first thing checked after any attempt to access the MerchantServicesProvider.
    • getProviderErrorCode

      public String getProviderErrorCode()
      Gets the provider-specific error code.
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    • getErrorCode

      public TransactionResult.ErrorCode getErrorCode()
      Gets the provider-neutral error code.
    • getProviderErrorMessage

      public String getProviderErrorMessage()
      Gets the provider-specific error message.
    • getProviderUniqueId

      public String getProviderUniqueId()
      Gets the provider-specific unique identifier.