AO Fluent HTML Util Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Updated dependencies.
  • New method GoogleAnalytics.writeScriptByDoctype(…) that writes the correct type of Google Analytics tracking script based on the current doctype.


Release Notes

  • Updated dependencies.
  • New method HeadUtil.standardMeta(…) that adds the most basic standard meta elements.
  • Performed Checkstyle clean-up.


Release Notes

  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.8 to 11.
  • Now supports Java 9+ modules with included module-info.class.
  • Maven artifact relocated from com.aoindustries:ao-fluent-html-util to com.aoapps:ao-fluent-html-util.
  • Package renamed from com.aoindustries.html.util to com.aoapps.html.util.


Release Notes

  • Split utilities into this new sub-project.