Class ResourceDnsResult

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public class ResourceDnsResult extends Object implements ResourceResult
Contains the results of one DNS monitoring pass.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Field Details


      public static final int WARNING_SECONDS
      The warning is 10 seconds after the longest check time including timeouts.

      public static final int ERROR_SECONDS
  • Method Details

    • getResource

      public Resource<?,?> getResource()
    • getStartTime

      public Timestamp getStartTime()
      Specified by:
      getStartTime in interface ResourceResult
    • getEndTime

      public Timestamp getEndTime()
      Specified by:
      getEndTime in interface ResourceResult
    • getSecondsSince

      public Long getSecondsSince()
      Gets the number of seconds since this result had started or null if not running.
    • getSecondsSinceStatus

      public ResourceStatus getSecondsSinceStatus()
      Matches the rules for resource status.
      See Also:
    • getMasterRecordLookups

      public Map<? extends Name,? extends Map<? extends Nameserver,? extends DnsLookupResult>> getMasterRecordLookups()
      Gets the mapping of all masterRecord DNS lookups in the form masterRecord->enabledNameserver->result. If no lookups have been performed, such as during STOPPED or UNKNOWN state, returns null. Otherwise, it contains an entry for every masterRecord querying every enabled nameserver.
    • getMasterStatus

      public MasterDnsStatus getMasterStatus()
      Gets the status of the master records.
    • getMasterStatusMessages

      public SortedSet<String> getMasterStatusMessages()
      Gets the master status messages. If no message, returns an empty set.
    • getNodeResultMap

      public Map<? extends Node,? extends ResourceNodeDnsResult> getNodeResultMap()
      Gets the result of each node. This has an entry for every node in this resource.
    • getNodeResults

      public Collection<? extends ResourceNodeDnsResult> getNodeResults()
      Gets the result of each node. This has an entry for every node in this resource.
    • getResourceStatus

      public ResourceStatus getResourceStatus()
      Gets the ResourceStatus this result will cause.
      Specified by:
      getResourceStatus in interface ResourceResult