Class ResourceNodeDnsResult


public class ResourceNodeDnsResult extends Object
Contains the results of one DNS monitoring pass for a single enabled node.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Method Details

    • getResourceNode

      public ResourceNode<?,?> getResourceNode()
    • getNodeRecordLookups

      public Map<? extends Name,? extends Map<? extends Nameserver,? extends DnsLookupResult>> getNodeRecordLookups()
      Gets the mapping of all nodeRecord DNS lookups in the form nodeRecord->enabledNameserver->result. If no lookups have been performed, such as during STOPPED or UNKNOWN state, returns null. Otherwise, it contains an entry for every nodeRecord querying every enabled nameserver.
    • getNodeStatus

      public NodeDnsStatus getNodeStatus()
      Gets the status of the node.
    • getNodeStatusMessages

      public SortedSet<String> getNodeStatusMessages()
      Gets the node status messages. If no message, returns an empty set.