Interface ParamsAttribute

All Known Implementing Classes:
AreaTag, AreaTag, ATag, ATag, DispatchTag, FormTag, FormTag, ForwardTag, IframeTag, IframeTag, ImgTag, ImgTag, IncludeTag, InputTag, InputTag, LinkTag, LinkTag, RedirectTag, ScriptTag, ScriptTag, UrlTag, UrlTag

public interface ParamsAttribute
Something with a set of parameters.
AO Industries, Inc.
  • Method Details

    • addParam

      default void addParam(String name, Object value)
      Adds a parameter.

      The conversion to string may be deferred, or the value may be streamed instead of being converted to a string. It is incorrect to change the state of the provided value; doing so may or may not affect the value of the resulting parameter.

      Default method is for backward compatibility only. Implementations should override this version.

    • addParam

      @Deprecated default void addParam(String name, String value)