Class HtmlTag

All Implemented Interfaces:
GlobalAttributes, DynamicAttributes, JspTag, SimpleTag

public class HtmlTag extends ElementFilteredTag

TODO: Support both filtered and buffered modes, defaulting to filtered This would allow nested tags while in buffered mode. Would be a boolean attribute "buffered", defaulting to false. A TLD validator would confirm that attribute-providing tags are not within an unbuffered parent. This would also likely converge FilteredBodyTag and BufferedBodyTag into a single implementation. Also, all *Attribute interfaces sould have a "boolean isBuffered()".

TODO: Have dir attribute accept a new value "response", which would be the default. This would set the dir value based on the current response locale. This would be consistent with the current lang implementation. "auto" could still be used to override this. Possibly allow set as empty string to override, too.

TODO: Support an open-only mode, which would be the default when there is no body. Values "true", "false", "auto" (the default). When open-only, the closing </ao:html> would not be written, and the request attributes would not be restored. This would allow the <ao:html> tag to be used where the header and footer are split into separate files. Maybe negate it and call the attribute "close".

TODO: Implement GlobalAttributes, but beware this would make ScriptTag always thing its inside a StyleAttribute. Could workaround this issue by making a StyleUnexpectedAttribute, which would override StyleAttribute with a set of deprecated methods, then StyleTag would ignore its StyleAttribute parent tag if it is actually a StyleUnexpectedAttribute.