Interface FileSystem

All Known Implementing Classes:
FileSystemWrapper, JavaFileSystem, RandomFailFileSystem, ReadOnlyFileSystem, TempFileSystem

public interface FileSystem
The most basic layer of what all file systems have in common.

Every file system is forced to be case-sensitive, even if there is great overhead in doing so.

We know this is in some ways redundant with the java.nio.file package released in Java 1.7. We are looking for something with a much different (and narrower) focus, such as hiding differences between platforms and trying to hide security gotchas.

AO Industries, Inc.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    checkSubPath(Path parent, String name)
    Checks that a given path name is acceptable to this file system.
    Atomically creates a directory (must not have already existed).
    Atomically creates an empty file (must not have already existed).
    delete(Path path)
    Deletes the file system object at the given path.
    default Path
    join(String[] names)
    Joins the array of names to a path object.
    list(Path path)
    Lists the children of the given path in no specific order.
    lock(Path path)
    Locks a file in exclusive mode.
    default Path
    Parses a string representation of a path.
    size(Path path)
    Gets the size of the file system object at the given path.